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Hardcore Indonezia Ltd.

your HaRdCoRe connection to South East Asia and the f...... World...!
HSA - Hardcore South East Asia

Please take a few minutes to review our finest programm. If you need any support in hardcore music, we are your partner to realize any hardcore project!


!!!check out our new mixes !!! :

In January 2013 the Kumbh Mela  Festival takes place in Allahabad, India for a period of 55 days. We issued a special mix for this greatest Festival on earth . Pls check out and download under following link:

This is the 2nd part. The 3rd part will follow soonest

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Our Styles:
- Mainstyle Hardcore
- Early Rave / Oldschool Hardcore
- Industrial Hardcore / Frenchcore
- Speedcore/Terror      (Final Destruction Speedcore Service)

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- Polka (you want it you get it!)
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- Tipps zur Züchtung von portugiesischen Galeeren (siehe PGZV)

Back to Peru (Peru Hardcore SounDz Project 2009)

                             Le Max Meerbosch et Le MC PaRa LT et Le Parkinson LIVE at Peru 2008


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