DJ Parkinson & DJ Max Meerbosch
  PGZV Meerbusch

De smaak komt gewoon veel beter tot zijn recht in melk. !!!

Portugiesisch Galeeren Züchtverein Meerbusch n.E.V

If you are interested in breeding of portuguese Man o´ War ´s you should contact us.

We have a long experience in this business, so you can get an adequate advice by us. You also can visit our portuguese Man o´War-Range in Santa Pola close to Alicante, Spain. Our ambition is it, to breed this beautiful animals and to reintroduce them. 
Pleas note that this animals posses one of the most dangerous  toxins in the world, but exactly that made them so beautiful and cute.

The actual 2009 program deals with a row of tests on this animals, which contains the test of the reaction and tolerance compared to hardcore music in all forms and genres.
The test takes place over as well as under water under natural circumstances.

We try to bring this animals under nature conservation and to make them to domestic animals for everyone who as a  private lagoon in his garden or a private pool (without chlorine, beacause portuguese Man o`Wars don´t like this, saline water is more interesting for them).

Pls contact us by clicking on "Booking anfrage" to get further informations about pguese MO Wars!

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